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A collaborative podcast that goes beyond data.

Listen as we connect with professionals, from all corners of the world, from a variety of fields, as they voice their perspectives on managing their Information Governance programs.

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We seek to cultivate growth and innovation in your professional life.

Our mission is to connect and collaborate with other professionals, from many fields and all corners of the world, to voice their perspectives in managing their programs. We will focus on soft skills and human elements of the program and help each other out by sharing techniques, methods and words of wisdom.

Our professional community should engage and find each other as resources to sustain growth, innovation and awareness in an ever-changing environment.

The Podcast

will be between 30 - 60 minutes.

Guest Speakers

will share their experiences.

Learn & Grow

by connecting and collaborating.

I started this podcast to focus on information governance best practices and effective methodologies. The missing element and most important part of information governance and program management is Human Capital. I hope to have this podcast as a medium for professionals as a community building platform to openly share their ideas and experience.

Maria Martinez-Carey
founder of Alt+f0
Maria Martinez-Carey is an Information Governance ambassador and a ninja thinker in designing practical information governance solutions with a compliance mindset and lean operations. Maria’s extensive risk management and international operations experience provided a global perspective that deployed cost-effective and successful programs.

She is a change agent that leads organizational transformations to modernize operations in the digital era, implement best-in-breed solutions, execute interactive training and awareness programs, and most importantly, coach team members to adopt operational values and self-awareness in an ever-changing risk culture environment.